FAQ’s | Ri-Mor Mulch and Landscape Center

How much mulch can a delivery truck carry?

Our Delivery truck can carry 15 cubic yards of mulch.

How much soil and rock can a truck carry?

Our trucks can carry 5 yards of soil or rock product.

What is the minimum order amount?

Customers can order any amount needed ( in half yard increments)

Is there a delivery fee?

We have a $50 delivery fee in Columbia.

Do you deliver outside of Columbia?

We can deliver outside of Columbia but there is a distance-based fee.

How much is in a standard pickup truckload?

A “Pickup truckload” is normally two cubic yards of mulch or one cubic yard of soil or rock.

How much does a cubic yard cover?

One cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet 4 inches thick.


Ri-Mor delivery drops all products on a solid surface e.g. ( driveway, roadway, paved area.)