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Whether you are an individual, contractor or landscaper, we have the expertise to help you in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We’re here to meet mid-Missouri’s landscaping needs and are well known for the highest quality of our products, timely deliveries and high caliber service.

Mulch and More from Ri-Mor

We founded Ri-Mor Mulch and Landscape Center in 2012, specializing in a large selection of mulch varieties. Recently, we teamed up with our sister company, Ri-Mor Topsoil, to offer more than just topsoil products. View our expanded selection of products on our website, or stop by and visit us at 3300 Brown Station Rd. Columbia, MO 65202.

Mulch and soil with wheel barrel and shovel

Our Delivery truck can carry 15 cubic yards of mulch.

Customers can order any amount needed ( in half yard increments)

We can deliver outside of Columbia but there is a distance-based fee.

One cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet 4 inches thick.

Our trucks can carry 5 yards of soil or rock product.

We have a $60 delivery fee in Columbia.

A “Pickup truckload” is normally two cubic yards of mulch or one cubic yard of soil or rock.


Ri-Mor delivery drops all products on a solid surface e.g. (driveway, roadway, paved area.)

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