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Ri-Mor Mulch and Landscaping Supplies, located in Columbia, MO, is proud to offer the largest quantities of mulch, landscaping and gardening products at a competitive price. We are also proud of our reputation; being well-known throughout Mid-Missouri for our high quality products, timely deliveries and top-grade customer service.
We work closely with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to offer our patrons materials to build their landscapes and gardens that are not harmful to the environment.

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With so many options it can be difficult to compare apples to apples when deciding on a product that’s right for your project and right for your budget. Many of our competitors may seem as though they’re offering their products at a cheaper price while in fact our prices are the same and often lower. So why do they seem higher? Because we have a bigger scoop! Our scoop is a full cubic yard. Be sure to ask other vendors the size and coverage of their scoop when comparing value.

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